Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Social Network Strategy

Social Networks. It’s important to be there, but more important to have a purpose. There are now thousands of social networking, sharing, posting and bookmark sites. The strategy should be to create content, place it where it will have the greatest potential to reach, and then fuel it with fresh and dynamic content that will cause people not just to find it, but to embrace it, share it, tweet about it…etc.

One of the core activities of the new Creative Word and Image is to understand the brand’s essential message and core target audience with a laser focus on actions that translate to quantifiable results. We believe quite strongly in knowing who you are trying to reach as an essential starting point. It results in message and platform relevance. The suggestions and strategy we develop are platform neutral in that we believe in taking full advantage of both the best of the free web and the wisdom of the crowds. This means a good strategy should always begin with a presence with purpose on the most powerful and popular social networking sites, and then developing more niche audience or niche purpose focused initiatives.

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