Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FREE is a good 4-letter word

If you think that real lesson that we have all learned from Google is how to search the internet, you might want to think again.   Google is a six letter word that has redefined FREE as the key to success in business.

They have become THE it business of the decade, usurping the position that Microsoft had established and they did it by offering a product/service that was and is absolutely free to the customer.  Their motivation was initially to figure out the best way to create the best single source to access as much of the world's information in words and pictures as possible and to make it available in the simplest and most relevant way possible... all for free!

Google's founders believe in the wisdom of the crowds approach.   The more people go somewhere or do something, the better and more rewarding it must be.   But it's really the fact that the access is FREE that has enabled Google to grow so fast, so big and so profitable.   They had the vision that has resulted in the greatest single storefront of information, which is now the single most powerful and profitable advertising business model our world has ever seen.

Now Google is also selling phones, and e-book readers (not free) and raking in more and more money... and it all began with a simple four letter word FREE.

Creative Word and Image.   Three words.  An eight letter word, and a five letter word sandwiching  the four letter "word" that we have built our careers upon.   And while our words are not free, we do charge for our services.  But have assembled and will continue to evolve CWI FREEsources™ to in our own small way share the wisdom in the form of an array of ideas, tips and trends to help our clients, friends and colleagues stay ahead and on the road to success.

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