Monday, January 18, 2010

30 Tweets in 30 Days. What can happen?

What can happen in 30 days?   CWI's avatar host Ava has her own twitter account.  It just went live yesterday... and she's programmed to send one CWIP (cwi post) or Tweet per day for 30 days.   Follow along and find out with us what can happen, who will find Ava?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Build your brand and your business online without wasting time and wasting opportunity.

CWI believes in defining strategy, message and developing an execution plan in tandem with your involvement. We advise, write copy, produce video and when it makes sense for your brand and your business, we recruite and manage outsourced service providers who can save time, increase effectiveness.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FREE is a good 4-letter word

If you think that real lesson that we have all learned from Google is how to search the internet, you might want to think again.   Google is a six letter word that has redefined FREE as the key to success in business.

They have become THE it business of the decade, usurping the position that Microsoft had established and they did it by offering a product/service that was and is absolutely free to the customer.  Their motivation was initially to figure out the best way to create the best single source to access as much of the world's information in words and pictures as possible and to make it available in the simplest and most relevant way possible... all for free!

Google's founders believe in the wisdom of the crowds approach.   The more people go somewhere or do something, the better and more rewarding it must be.   But it's really the fact that the access is FREE that has enabled Google to grow so fast, so big and so profitable.   They had the vision that has resulted in the greatest single storefront of information, which is now the single most powerful and profitable advertising business model our world has ever seen.

Now Google is also selling phones, and e-book readers (not free) and raking in more and more money... and it all began with a simple four letter word FREE.

Creative Word and Image.   Three words.  An eight letter word, and a five letter word sandwiching  the four letter "word" that we have built our careers upon.   And while our words are not free, we do charge for our services.  But have assembled and will continue to evolve CWI FREEsources™ to in our own small way share the wisdom in the form of an array of ideas, tips and trends to help our clients, friends and colleagues stay ahead and on the road to success.

Facebook for Business

The Facebook revolution has introduced new terms into our daily lexicon, including Friending, and Fan Pages. If you are like me, you now ignore most invitations to “Become a Fan of” because–even if you want to be nice–there is no point, no value, no benefit of becoming a Fan… and the chances that you would ever return (or even go in the first place) to the page are slim to none.

But these Group and Fan pages can be powerful ways to get results.

More and more marketers use Facebook as a key medium for their brands online. The recent redesign of Facebook’s Business Pages and Fan pages has proven successful.
Here is the link to 5 companies using Facebook fan pages well: (read more)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Social Network Strategy

Social Networks. It’s important to be there, but more important to have a purpose. There are now thousands of social networking, sharing, posting and bookmark sites. The strategy should be to create content, place it where it will have the greatest potential to reach, and then fuel it with fresh and dynamic content that will cause people not just to find it, but to embrace it, share it, tweet about it…etc.

One of the core activities of the new Creative Word and Image is to understand the brand’s essential message and core target audience with a laser focus on actions that translate to quantifiable results. We believe quite strongly in knowing who you are trying to reach as an essential starting point. It results in message and platform relevance. The suggestions and strategy we develop are platform neutral in that we believe in taking full advantage of both the best of the free web and the wisdom of the crowds. This means a good strategy should always begin with a presence with purpose on the most powerful and popular social networking sites, and then developing more niche audience or niche purpose focused initiatives.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The new CWI is here for you

It seems that every day I meet someone or read about someone who is launching a new business. More often than not in these times, a business as an alternative to a job---a personal services or small independently owned company seeking to serve a perceived need. This is a sign of our times. It’s the new way to survive and thrive. The notion of success and making more money to pay the bills being tied to a promotion or that next career jump, seems to be evaporating as fast as the value of real estate these days. Everyone wants to be in business for themselves these days.

Perhaps fueled by a transformational shift in the way we work, live and play---also known as Googling and Facebooking—more and more people seemingly from a variety of industries are putting up a digital shingle offering branding, marketing and social networking services. I live it, I believe it, but I also think it takes more than knowing how to post a status update and launch an adwords campaign to truly succeed in this space.

So today, the company founded by my wife and partner, Susan, is evolving from the purveyor of powerful words and images for the corporate meetings and marketing communications industry to bring the professionalism, sophistication and skill of content that has long been proven to connect with television and live meeting audiences together with the best of the exploding chapter of the internet known as web 3.0. 

This is the future of business communications, and it's a future that is built largely on a platform of free applications, networks, feeds.... but to make it really matter, it requires content that connects.

So I pose the question, how can CWI help you?

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