Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The new CWI is here for you

It seems that every day I meet someone or read about someone who is launching a new business. More often than not in these times, a business as an alternative to a job---a personal services or small independently owned company seeking to serve a perceived need. This is a sign of our times. It’s the new way to survive and thrive. The notion of success and making more money to pay the bills being tied to a promotion or that next career jump, seems to be evaporating as fast as the value of real estate these days. Everyone wants to be in business for themselves these days.

Perhaps fueled by a transformational shift in the way we work, live and play---also known as Googling and Facebooking—more and more people seemingly from a variety of industries are putting up a digital shingle offering branding, marketing and social networking services. I live it, I believe it, but I also think it takes more than knowing how to post a status update and launch an adwords campaign to truly succeed in this space.

So today, the company founded by my wife and partner, Susan, is evolving from the purveyor of powerful words and images for the corporate meetings and marketing communications industry to bring the professionalism, sophistication and skill of content that has long been proven to connect with television and live meeting audiences together with the best of the exploding chapter of the internet known as web 3.0. 

This is the future of business communications, and it's a future that is built largely on a platform of free applications, networks, feeds.... but to make it really matter, it requires content that connects.

So I pose the question, how can CWI help you?

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