Thursday, February 25, 2010

REAL CRE TV to launch in Metro Atlanta as first of 10 Top Commercial Real Estate Markets


REAL CRE TV to launch in Metro Atlanta as first of 10 Top Commercial Real Estate Markets

Online video program to provide industry news, insights and perspective to commercial real estate professionals during critical market period.

Atlanta, GA (February 25, 2010)--- Commercial real estate professionals in Metro Atlanta will soon receive a new micro-targeted industry video news service from a company led by two former CNN producers, and bolstered by an editorial board representing top industry professionals, suppliers and journalists.

“The commercial real estate industry is confronting historic market shifts and the need for insightful news has never been greater,” said Richard C Lackey Jr., CEO of City Commercial Real Estate, founder of the Real Professionals First Network, and a top commercial real estate producer in Metro Atlanta. “The skills and television expertise of this team, combined with the experience of the editorial board, makes this a must-have resource.” Lackey is a member of the REAL CRE TV editorial boardREAL CRE TV is a video news service delivered via desktop, laptop or mobile video as a free subscription service to qualified commercial real estate professionals.

“There is a void in commercial real estate reporting,” said Matt Gove, the former commercial real estate writer of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, founding editor of Atlanta Property News, and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Cousins Properties. “This can be a transforming vehicle for providing meaningful coverage and a super powerful direct marketing tool for those whose business depends on reaching and motivating everybody in commercial real estate.” Gove is an Editorial Advisor to REAL CRE TV.

REAL CRE TV is produced by Creative Word & Image Inc. ( a company that provides content, creative, video and social marketing services. It was founded by Susan Shoer in 1998 as a division of NewsProNet, then the leading producer and syndicator of strategic broadcast content to media clients, founded by her husband Michael Shoer.

“We are energized by the opportunity to provide this engaging and high quality content service to such an essential, powerful and competitive niche industry at such an important economic time,” said Michael Shoer, who is driving the business development of REAL CRE TV.

REAL CRE TV is set to launch in Q2 with a Metro Atlanta edition. It is currently available for free pre-launch subscription by registering at

Contact: Michael Shoer REAL CRE TV 770-329-2487

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